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    Отзыв. Cheslav Deonisovich is a virtual reality in his field, a professional. In August 2019 I did blepharoplasty in his clinic, the operation went well, I am very pleased with the result. The price also pleased me. And I especially want to note the warm attitude towards patients in the clinic, care and respect are shown in everything. Thanks to the whole team and especially to Cheslav Kushelevich.
    Gomel, Kosareva st., 1до 20:00
    Отзыв. I did face lipofilling. I liked the attitude of the medical staff very much. Such attention! After the operation, I was not left alone for a second, although I felt wonderful. Was connected to the devices that monitored my readings. Anesthesia is wonderful. I could speak right away, my tongue did not get tangled, my head was not spinning, I did not feel sick. Special thanks to the talented plastic surgeon Kurek Maria Fedorovna, the most attentive doctor-anesthesiologist Dmitry Vasilyevich. Words are not empty, I have something to compare with.
    Гомель, ул. Чапаева, 10адо 20:00
    Отзыв. Недавно ходила в Белсоно на фотоомоложение передней поверхности шеи. Очень классная процедура, хоть говорят, что с первого раза не видно результата, я вижу подвижки по направлению к красоте) Очень приятная доктор делала все с максимальным вниманием, мне очень понравилось. Еще обязательно сделаю в Белсоно фотоомоложение лица, рук и декольте!
    Гомель, ул. Медицинская, 10до 20:00
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