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    Gomel, Ilicha st., 286from 08:00
    Clinical diagnostics: laboratory diagnosis, ct scan, ultrasound diagnostics, electrocardiography
    Luban-district, Pervomajskaya st., 97afrom 08:00
    A wide range of medical services, including paid services for Belarusians and foreigners
    Clinical diagnostics: laboratory diagnosis, x-ray examination, ultrasound diagnostics
    Review. A wonderful hospital, a strong team of specialists, medical nurses, act clearly and help! Low Bow Resuscitation department is the Gods of their work! And the infection department for a good, friendly attitude! We got in a terrible state, but we were quickly put on our feet! Thank you!
    Medical rehabilitation of patients after surgical treatment of neoplasms and others.
    Clinical diagnostics: laboratory diagnosis, ultrasound diagnostics
    Review. We, a group of recovering people, want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to psychologist Nadezhda Zhirovskaya. During our communication with Nadezhda Nikolaevna we received a lot of positive emotions. During her classes she guided our thoughts in the right direction, helped to overcome uncertainty, resolved doubts, and taught us to focus on the positive. Her professional advice, images, poetic lines, especially parables, help to get out of the state of mind that accompanies our complex disease. Upon returning home, each of us will consistently continue to carry out these tips and recommendations of the psychologist, thus restoring his or her health. Thank you to Nadezhda Nikolaevna, our spiritual doctor.
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