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    Medical center
    Moglev, Gabrovskaya st., 30till 15:00
    Aesthetic Medicine Clinic, key areas include cosmetology, dermatology, plastic and vascular surgery
    Doctors: dermatologist, cosmetologist, plastic surgeon, dentist, phlebologist, surgeon, ultrasound diagnostic specialist
    Review. We turned to a specialist plastic surgeon Igor Mikhailovich Sementovich for the removal of atheroma in a child. A competent doctor, he told everything, reassured me. The procedure was quick and comfortable for my son. Thanks to the medical center and doctors.
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    Center for Medical Cosmetology and Dermatology
    Mogilev, Mira av., 25Гtill 16:00
    A center of medical cosmetology and dermatology, offering modern medical services
    Doctors: dermatologist, cosmetologist, mammologist, oncologist
    Vitebsk, Lyudnikova Av., 11a24/7
    Diagnostic and medical care for cardiological diseases. Physiotherapy, hospital
    Doctors: cardiologist, rehabilitologist, physiotherapist, ultrasound diagnostic specialist
    Vitebsk, Povedy av., 20Day Off
    A modern treatment and diagnostic centre with a wide range of quality services and a team of qualified specialists
    Doctors: allergist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, neurologist, orthopedist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, plastic surgeon, proctologist, rheumatologist, dentist, therapist, traumatologist, phlebologist, surgeon, endocrinologist
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