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Minsk, Nezavisimosti av., 196from 08:30
Doctors: manual therapist, orthopedist, traumatologist, physiotherapist
Medical center
Zhodino, Suhogryadskaya st., 8аfrom 10:00
Affordable capital-level medicine with qualified narrow-profile specialists and an individual approach
Doctors: gynecologist, ultrasound diagnostic specialist
Review. If you go to the gynecologist, then only at the Medicus Medical Center. Doctor Dmitry Alexandrovich is very kind, attentive, polite, explained everything clearly and intelligibly, prescribed treatment. I am satisfied!
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Minsk region, agrotown LesnoyDay Off
Doctors: allergist, venereologist, gastroenterologist, hematologist, gynecologist, immunologist, cardiologist, cosmetologist, neurologist, nephrologist, orthopedist, plastic surgeon, proctologist, pulmonologist, rheumatologist, reflexologist, dentist, therapist, traumatologist, urologist, phlebologist, surgeon, endocrinologist
Medical rehabilitation of patients after surgical treatment of neoplasms and others.
Doctors: gastroenterologist, gynecologist, mammologist, manual therapist, neurologist, oncologist, orthopedist, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, rehabilitologist, dentist, therapist, traumatologist, physiotherapist, endocrinologist, ultrasound diagnostic specialist
Review. I thank the attending physician Matalyg Angelika Anatolievna. Her examinations, consultations and therapeutic processes have significantly improved my health and well-being, and especially the work of my hand, cardiovascular system and vision.
Medical center
Minsk region, agrotown LesnoyDay Off
Doctors: vertebrologist, gastroenterologist, hematologist, geneticist, gynecologist, dermatologist, immunologist, cardiologist, cosmetologist, mammologist, neurosurgeon, nephrologist, oncologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, proctologist, urologist, surgeon, endocrinologist, endoscopist
Review. Many thanks to Mr. Viktor Tikhonovich Malkevich for his warm and sincere attitude to the patients.
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Minsk region, agrotown Zhdanovichi, 81/5Day Off
Doctors: allergist, andrologist, gastroenterologist, hematologist, gynecologist, dermatologist, infectious disease physician, cardiologist, cosmetologist, speech therapist, mammologist, oncologist, orthopedist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician, psychologist, psychotherapist, pulmonologist, rheumatologist, somnologist, dentist, therapist, urologist, physiotherapist, phlebologist, surgeon, endocrinologist, endoscopist
Review. I want to thank very much Dmitry Vladimirovich Tolpyg, the head of the surgical department, for his sensitivity and benevolence. I want to thank also the entire team of the endoscopy department, headed by Alexey Alekseevich Petkevich, a highly qualified doctor for his perfectly organized treatment. Thank you all so much for treating my husband.
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