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    Minsk, Korzhenevskogo st., 4Day Off
    Doctors: cardiologist, manual therapist, neurologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, plastic surgeon, proctologist, psychologist, psychotherapist, rheumatologist, dentist, traumatologist, physiotherapist, surgeon, endocrinologist
    Medical center
    Minsk, Gromova st., 14till 20:00
    Doctors: gynecologist, neurologist, therapist, urologist, endocrinologist
    Review. I was at a reception at the gynecologist Savushkina Tamara Nikiforovna. It's a super doctor. It is very easy to talk to her, all of my questions have been answered. The medical center is always easy to reach. I will contact in this medical center.
    Medical center
    Minsk, Matusevicha st., 69till 19:00
    Doctors: gynecologist, dentist
    Review. I had an appointment at Anton Sergeyevich Vorobej. I did ultrasound of the heart. I had a positive impression of this. The doctor was attentive and polite. He clearly explain all and gave recommendations. Thank you very much!
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    Family Clinic
    Minsk, Zhinovicha st., 21till 15:00
    A multidisciplinary medical center for the whole family with a wide range of services and an individual approach
    Doctors: gynecologist, neurologist, pediatrician, therapist, endocrinologist, ultrasound diagnostic specialist
    Doctors: venereologist, dermatologist, cosmetologist, psychotherapist
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