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Nothing was found in Slavgorod. Try to find it 150-km nearby.

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Gomel region, Gomel district, Chonkitill 16:30
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Medical profile: diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, diseases of the digestive organs, diseases of the respiratory system
Review. Rested with the child in August 2014. The resort is like. The medical base is very good. Noisy in the corridors and heard noise from the street, because the Windows are open. But it's all in the summer, when the loading of the sanatorium at 120%. I think the rest of the time it's quiet and peaceful. The food is good. Rooms are economy class, everything you need is, San.node in each room, TV, refrigerator. Its beach on the territory of the resort and close to .Gomel, the transitions between all buildings - this is a huge plus sanatorium. Good luck
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